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TDY type oil cooled conveyor pulleys (abbreviated as "Belt conveyor pulley") is a new type of internal driving device, which is driven by motor and conveys various materials by continuous motion of tape. As the power of belt conveyor and lifting equipment, electric drum is widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, building materials, electric power, light industry, grain, wharf, warehouse, logistics and other departments.
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TDY Type Oil Cooled Conveyor Pulleys

1. Product description

Compared with the general gear reducer, the TDY type oil cooled conveyor pulley has the advantages of compact structure, small size, light weight, good sealing, convenient installation and simplicity. It can be used in dusty, humid, muddy, open-air and other harsh environments. The ambient temperature is --15℃--+40℃. It is generally not used for conveying high-temperature materials and explosive sites. The altitude should not exceed 1000 meters, and it should be installed horizontally.

Techinical Parameter:

Power:0.25 kw-160kw

Transmission Velocity:  0.035-5m/s

2. Characteristics

1. It can replace the external drive device of motor-reducer type which is widely used at present. It can be used to construct belt conveyor. It can convey bulk materials such as coal, ore, sand, cement, flour, etc. and also can convey parts such as sacks and equipment.

2. The structure is simple and compact, and occupies a small space area.

3. It is well sealed and suitable for workplaces with high dust concentration and wet mud.

4. Easy to use and maintain, safe and reliable operation, long service life.

5. Low energy consumption and easy to achieve centralized control.

6. It can satisfy all kinds of backstop, brake, glue wrapping and other requirements.

3. Application area

It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, building materials, electric power, light industry, grain, wharf, warehouse, logistics and other departments.

4. Working conditions:

1. The ambient temperature is -15℃~+40℃.

2. No more than 1000 meters above sea level.

3. The temperature of conveying materials should not exceed 60℃.

4. Voltage 380V, frequency 50Hz.

5. Terms of Payment

30% by T/T in advance.

6. Packaging & Delivery

Packing details: To be packed in wooden cases.

Loading Port: Shanghai,China

Delivery time: Within 25-35 working days after we have received the full payment. 


7. Our service

1.Delivery on time

2.Safe, reliable, economical and durable

3.The Warranty period is 12 months

4.Professional engineers for your design, drawing, ensure the quality of production if non-standard products.

5.The photos and films of production process will be reported to you. 

8. Product Pictures

Conveyor Drum Pulley主图.JPG

Conveyor Drum Pulley1.JPG

Conveyor Drum Pulley2.JPG

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10. Our Factory

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11. Our Certificate

STS Certificate.JPG

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12. FAQ

1.Q:What's your MOQ for each series gearboxes?      

A:1 unit is OK for different types gearboxes motor.

2.Q:Can I visit your factory?

Yes. SR people welcome friends all over the world to visit our factory. We can help you apply for invitation, make travel arrangement and so on.

3.Q:Do you sell motors?

We have stable motor suppliers who have been cooperating with us for a long time.They can provide motors with high quality.

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