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Cycloid Gear Motor

Cycloidal Pin Gear Speed Reducer

Industrial Application 
1)Power Plant Equipment 
2)Metallurgical Industry 
3)Metal Forming Machinery 
4)Petrochemical Industry
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Cycloidal Pin Gear Speed Reducers

1. Product description
1.Planetary Cycloidal pinwheel Reducer is a speed reducing device taking use of planetary driving principle, engaged by cycloidal pinwheel, with advanced design and novel structure.
2.Mounting Methods:Foot installation, flange installation.Various of motors or double shafts can be equipped.

Technical parameter

Power: 0.04kw-75kw

Torque: 200N.m-30000N.m

Ratio: Single-Stage 9-87, Double-Stage 121-7569

2. Characteristics of Cycloidal Pin Gear Speed Reducers
1)Great gear ratio: the gear ratio is 1/7-1/87 by one stage reducing; the gear ratio is 1/99-1/7569 by two stages reducing; Also can be adopted according to your requirement.
2)High driving efficiency, Small size and light weight, Fewer fault and long service life
3)Reliable and stable operation, Convenient for assembling and disassembling.
4)Strong overload capacity, strong shock resistance and small inertia moment of force, which is suitable for frequent starting and stopping, and rotating forward and backward.

3. Application area
Industrial Application
1)Power Plant Equipment
2)Metallurgical Industry
3)Metal Forming Machinery
4)Petrochemical Industry
5)Mining Machine
6)Hoisting Machinery
7)Construction Industry
8)Environmental Protection Industry
9)Cable Industry
10)Food Machinery

4. Our service
1)Quick and safe delivery.
2)Have many years of production experience.
3)We have the independent right to export, price better, can control the quality and delivery time.
4)The photos and films of production process will be reported to you.

5. Product Pictures

Cycloidal Pin Gear Speed Reducers.JPG

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6. Our Factory

7. Our Certificate

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8. FAQ
1.Can I visit your factory?
Yes. SR people welcome friends all over the world to visit our factory. We can help you apply for invitation, make travel arrangement and so on.

2.What is your terms of payment ?
30% Advance payment by T/T after signing the contract.70% before delivery.

3.What information should I offer an inquiry?
The more information you offer the better solutions of crane we can provide.

4.How much does it cost to ship to my country?
It depends on seasons. Fee is different in different seasons. You can consult us at all times.

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