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Cycloid Gear Motor

Horizontal Cycloid Gear Reducer

Main applied for
Harbor and shipping
Hoist and transport
Electric power
Coal mining
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Horizontal Cycloid Gear Reducers

1. Product description
The coupled-type reducer may be assembled together with Series Y special motor and Series Y derived special motor, e.g.YA increased safety motor, YB flame-proof motor, YCT speed regulating motor, YEJ brake motor, etc, And it may be coupled with standard motors of various types via motor flange, e.g. Series NEMA, IEC, Y, YA, YB, YEJ, YCT, YD, ZD motors.

2. Characteristics
High speed ratio and efficiency
Single stage transmission can reach to 1:87 of speed-down ratio and the efficiency is more than 90%. If use multi-speed drive the speed-down ratio is bigger.

3. Application area
Main applied for
Harbor and shipping
Hoist and transport
Electric power
Coal mining

4. Our service
1)Have many years of production experience.
2)The Warranty period is 12 months.
3)We could supply the samples if you have a good quantity.
4)We undertake the problems due to quality.

5. Product Pictures

Horizontal Cycloid Gear Reducers.JPG

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6. Our Factory

7. Our Certificate

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8. FAQ
1.What can I do if I don't know which one I need?
Don't worry, Send as much information as you can, our team will help you find the right one you are looking for.

2.What's your delivery time?
Usually we produce within 35-60days after the payment confirmed. If you are urgent, we will urge the production department for you.

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