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QJY/QY Series Crane Gearboxes

The mechanical transmission efficiency of QJY/QY series crane gearboxes are high up to 94%. The gear shaft is made of 42CrMo and 35CrMo is made of gear material. It is forged and tempered, easy to disassemble and inspect, easy to install, and can run in both directions. The working environment temperature is -40℃-+45℃, and the speed of the high speed shaft is not more than 1000 r/min, and the circumferential speed of the gear is not more than 16 m/s.
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QJY/QY Series Crane Gearboxes

1. Product description

QJY/QY Series Crane Gearbox is a crane reducer developed by factories according to the requirements of domestic and foreign markets. It has high precision, high efficiency, stable transmission, low noise, smaller volume, light weight, large carrying capacity and high reliability than QJ series gear reducer.

Technical parameters:

Input speed: 1500 rpm/m

Rated power: 0.75-400 Kw

Output speed: 1600-5642 rpm/m

Torque: 85-50000 N.m


Installation form: three fulcrum installation and foot installation.

Output Shaft Type; Flat Key, Involute Spline, Gear Shaft End, Hollow Shaft

2. Characteristics

 1). The gears are all made of high quality low carbon alloy steel, carburizing and quenching, and the accuracy of gears is 6 grades.

 2). Welded box structure.

 3). Generally, oil pool lubrication and natural cooling are used, and circulating oil lubrication is used in vertical reducer.

 4). Use rolling bearings.

3. Application scope

 1). The input speed is generally less than or equal to 1500r/min.

 2). Working environment temperature - 40℃ ~+50℃.

 3). Operating in both directions.

Suitable for all types of crane reducer selection.

4. Model and Speed Ratio

  QJY/QJY-D             10/12.5/16/20/25/31.5

  QJYD2, QJYD3, QJYD23 and QJYD34 are installed by foot.

  QJY2, QJY3, QJY23 and QJY34 are installed with three fulcrum.

  Horizontal Q or vertical L are allowed.

  QYS series (three fulcrums)

  QYD (base type) has three types: three-stage, four-stage and three-four-stage combination.

5.Sign and order symbol 

Example:QJS Series Crane Gearbox QJS3560-50-III-CW.


6. Packaging & Delivery

Packing details: To be packed in wooden cases.

Loading Port: Shanghai or Ningbo,China

Delivery time: Within 25-35 working days after we have received the full payment. 

包装图片 2工厂包装0_副本

7. Our advantage 

  We can understand the drawing with tolerance,material and process way correctly.and we have experienced and professional team control the quality.

8. Supply Ability

   3000 set per Month. 

9. Our service

 1).Quick and safe delivery .

 2).ISO certificate .

 3).More than 10 years reducer and motor sale experience .

 4).Chinese motor and reducer golden supplier .

 5).Good after-sales service .

 6).1 year warranty period .

10. Product Pictures






Shape and installation dimensions of QJY2 and QJYA2 reducers:


Shape and installation dimensions of QJY3 and QJYA3 reducers:


Shape and installation dimensions of QJY23 and QJYA23 reducers:


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12. Our Factory

13. Our Certificate

sts certificate.jpg

14. FAQ

1.What is your terms of payment ?
  30% advance payment by T/T after signing the contract.70% before delivery.

2.How to choose a gearbox which meets our requirement?

  You can refer to our catalogue to choose the gearbox.

3.If you can help on selecting a right model for me ?

  Yes. we offer customized service for customers.

★Warranty commitment 

Based on many years of service experience, we find that the problem of "warranty" has always been a big problem to our customers. Because customers are always worried about the maintenance unit after service, but just the general small maintenance department can not give customers a guaranteed warranty commitment.

In order to solve customers'worries, we make the following warranty commitments to customers:

1. Provide 12-month warranty service for all the gear reducers repaired (except as otherwise agreed in advance).

2. Within the warranty period, our company is responsible for free maintenance (except man-made failure) in case of original failure or re-damage of original parts.

3. There is no warranty if the machine is dismantled by itself or repaired by other units during the warranty period.

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