Environmental Policy

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Environmental Policy

1. Destination
Ensure that the production environment is orderly, tidy, and meet the requirements of the special process to the environmental parameters, so that the plant resources are reasonably configured and rationally used, so as to meet the requirements of the quality policy and objectives of the factory.

2. Range
It is suitable for reasonable control of all factory resources and safe use of chemicals.

3. Responsibility
Responsible for the formulation of environmental policies for the whole factory, approved and issued by the general manager.

4. Details
1.Usage of raw materials
The cutting process should be cut according to the technological process, and the allowance should not exceed the requirements of the process.
In the production process of defective products, in the case of utilization, try to achieve waste utilization.
In the cutting workshop, the leftover material in the production process should be collected in the special bag for recycling.

2.Cleaning and maintenance
The cleaning staff must clean out all kinds of waste bags and classify them from the production area every day.
Clean the main entrance and main road at least once a day to ensure cleanliness of the public parts of the factory.

5. Safe usage of chemicals
The purchasing manager asks the supplier for the MSDS and delivers it to the person in charge of the production.
The department heads put up the MSDS of the Department's use of chemicals, and indicated the hazards to the environment and human body and the emergency handling methods.
Relative departments are trained to use chemical posts.

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