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Micro Gear Reduction Motor

Micro Gear Reduction Motor

Micro gear reduction motor is a enclosed drive speed reducer driven by micro motor (also known as micro gear reduction electric motors), which is the combination of gearbox and motor.It is used to reduce the speed and increase the torque to meet the needs of mechanical equipment.
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Micro Gear Reduction Motor

1.  Product description

Special micro gear reduction motor is a kind of motor which is composed of micro precision gearbox (also called reducer) and micro motor. When users choose motors, they often can not meet their needs because of the high speed or low torque of single motor. At this time, choosing the miniature gear reduction motor is the most appropriate and direct scheme. Miniature deceleration motors are widely used in daily life, especially small tools in daily necessities.

Technical parameters

Starting torque64.7m N.m-834m N.m
Rational torque73.5m N.m-1040m N.m
Rational rotation1250r/min-1500r/min

2.  Installation form

Horizontal, vertical, double-shaft, direct-crossing type, can also be customized according to customer needs of deceleration motors.

3.  Classification

  (1). Coaxial

Coaxial micro helical gear reducer motor has the characteristics of compact structure, small size, beautiful appearance, strong overload bearing capacity, fine transmission ratio, wide selection range, low energy consumption, superior performance, reducer efficiency as high as 96%, low vibration, low noise and so on

  (2). Two-stage cylindrical

Two-stage cylindrical gear reducer motor products have high-speed and low-speed shunt. The performance of high-speed gear reducer motor is better when shunt. The gears on low-speed shaft are symmetrically arranged with respect to bearings, and the load distribution along the tooth direction is uniform. 

4.  Main characteristic

  (1). High sealability: The output part is equipped with oil seal and O-ring to prevent lubricating oil reflux in gearbox and avoid aging damage of oil seal insulation.

  (2). High efficiency: A new die design for stamping silicon steel sheets is adopted, with high core accuracy, strong magnetic conductivity and new heat dissipation structure.

 (3). Applicability: compact size, using new optimization design, optimizing S-T (speed-torque) characteristics, decelerating motor suitable for various operating environments.

  (4). Extension: Customized according to the specifications of customers'special needs.

5.  Application scope

Micro gear reducer motor is widely used in steel metallurgy, environmental protection water treatment, lifting transportation, material handling, light industry, medical treatment, port, airport, automobile production, electric power and other industries.

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6.  Packaging & Delivery

Packing details: To be packed in wooden cases.

Delivery time: Within 25-35 working days after we have received the full payment. 


7.  Our Advantages

 1).Quick shipping,factory competitive price      

 2).Our advantage is we can understand the drawing with tolerance,material and process way correctly.and we have experienced and professional team control the quality.

8.  Product Pictures


9.  Service Factor


10. Our Factory

11. Our Certificates

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13. FAQ

1. What is your terms of payment ?

   30% Advance payment by T/T after signing the contract.70% before delivery.


2.What information should I offer an inquiry?

   The more information you offer the better solutions of crane we can provide.


3.How much does it cost to ship to my country?

   It depends on seasons. Fee is different in different seasons. You can consult us at all times.

14.  How to contact us?


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