6 Aspects Should Be Recorded On Dismantle Gear Reducer Motor Coils
Oct 31, 2018

With China's economic development and product updating, but also in order to adapt to the development of the times, gear reducer motor is constantly improving, and coil as the most important part of the motor, in the demolition, we must record the following six aspects, to avoid installation errors:

1. Inner diameter, outer diameter, length, number and size of ventilation duct, number of grooves, shape and size of grooves.

2. The information, sectional area and brand number of the lead line.

3, Gear reducer motor capacity, voltage, current, phase number, frequency, insulation grade, speed.

4. The number and number of conductors in each slot of the gear reducer motor coil.

5. Insulation data, size, thickness and quantity of the coil and groove.

6. The shape, size and quantity of the gear reducer motor coil.


                                                                 Spr Planetary Reducer Motor

Through the explanation in the article, we can generally understand the equipment to remove the coil to record the content, gear reducer motor is widely used, and for everyone has brought high efficiency, if the coil does not record the above points, there will be unnecessary problems, so we must Attach importance to this problem.

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