6 Common Causes of Gearbox Overheating
Nov 12, 2018

During the operation of the reducer, it often happens that the gearbox is overheating when running. Form rapid wear of internal worm and worm gear. Once serious fever is found, please stop working immediately, find out the cause of worm gear reducer fever and stop cleaning. Once the gearbox is heated seriously, the wear resistance coefficient of the worm gear and worm will drop, which will cause the internal parts of the gearboxes to wear quickly. 

The following are 6 common causes of the fever of gearbox and the general treatment methods:

1, Poor installation of transmission and installation, worm wheel wear or damage, bearing wear or damage, bolt loosening, foreign invasion.

---Cleaning method: fixing transmission installation, changing worm wheel, changing bearing, tightening bolt, removing foreign body and replacing smooth oil leakage

2, Oil seal damage, gasket damage, too much oil, loose oil plug, oil damage.

----Cleaning methods: change the oil seal, change the sealing gasket, participate in appropriate amount of smooth oil, tighten the oil plug, change the oil mark into force or output shaft does not rotate.

3. Worm wheel overheating, bearing damage, foreign matter intrusion, worm gear and worm excessive wear.

---Cleaning methods: change or repair, change bearings, remove foreign bodies and change smooth oil, change worm wheel or worm wheel excessive wear and tear

4. Overload working and turn round or negative oil, poor or inappropriate smooth oil, lack of smooth oil, wear of bearings, excessive temperature running.

---Cleaning method: adjust to proper load, change proper smooth oil, take part in proper smooth oil according to instructions, change bearings, improve ventilation environment

5. Overload transportation, too little or too much smooth oil, poor or inappropriate smooth oil, excessive friction of oil seal, inappropriate connection between output shaft and transmission installation

---Sweeping method: adjust to the appropriate load or select the large machine type, take part in the appropriate smooth oil according to the instructions, take part in the appropriate smooth oil after the oil is discharged, drop a few drops of smooth oil at the oil seal, adjust to the appropriate position of the reducer murmur

6. Worm gear bad mesh, bearing damage or clearance too large, lack of smooth oil, foreign invasion.

----Exclusion: Repairing the contact surface of teeth, changing bearings, participating in appropriate amount of smooth oil according to instructions, removing foreign bodies and changing abnormal vibration of smooth oil


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The external reasons are: too low grid voltage or too large line voltage drop (more than 10%), too heavy load (more than 10%) and inappropriate coordination between gear reducer motor and machinery.

Internal causes are: single-phase operation, turn-to-turn short circuit, phase short circuit, stator grounding, fan damage or not tightened, duct blockage, bearing damage, stator-rotor friction, gear reducer and cable joint heating (especially Copper-aluminum or aluminum connection), gear reducer motor corrosion or dampness, etc.

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