A brief analysis of reducer oil leakage causes by reducer manufacturers
Sep 17, 2018

Why does the reducer have oil leakage? In fact, the cause is very simple.

The detailed causes are as follows:

1. Pressure difference occurs inside and outside the reducer.

During the operation of the reducer, the temperature of the reducer rises because of the friction heating of the moving pair and the influence of the ambient temperature. If there is no blockage of the air hole or the air hole, the pressure inside the reducer increases gradually. The higher the temperature inside the reducer, the greater the pressure difference between the reducer and the outside, and the lubricating oil leaks out of the gap under the pressure shame.

2. The reducer structure design is unreasonable.

(1). Inspection hole cover plate is too thin, easy to produce deformation after tightening bolts, so that the joint surface uneven, oil leakage from the joint.

(2). In the manufacturing process of decelerator, if the casting is not annealed or aged, the internal stress will be eliminated and the deformation will inevitably occur, resulting in gaps and leakage.

(3).There is no oil return groove on the box. Lubricant concentrates in the shaft seal, end cover, joint surface and so on. Under the action of pressure difference, it leaks out from the gap.

(4).The shaft seal structure design is unreasonable. Early reducers used oil ditch, felt ring type shaft seal structure, felt compression deformation when assembling, and will seal the joint surface gap. If the journal contact with the seal is not very ideal, the seal will fail in a short time because of the poor compensation performance of felt. Although there are oil return holes on the oil trench, it is easy to plug, and the oil return is difficult to play.

3. Too much fuel.

During the operation of the reducer, the oil pool is stirred seriously, and the lubricating oil splashes everywhere in the engine. If the amount of oil is too much, a large number of lubricating oil accumulates in the shaft seal, joint surface and so on, resulting in leakage.

4.  Improper maintenance process.

In equipment overhaul, oil leak will occur due to incomplete cleaning of dirt on the joint surface, improper selection of sealants, reversed direction of seals, and improper replacement of seals.

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