A new cycloidal gear reducer
Aug 16, 2018

    Cycloidal gear reducer still has higher transmission efficiency when the transmission ratio is high, which is not possible for general involute planetary gear reducer. In addition, in the transmission process, the cycloid gear is mainly subjected to compressive stress, and the involute tooth as the profile of the main bearing shear stress, which makes the service life of the cycloid reducer is higher than the involute. This paper first introduces the development status and application of cycloid gear reducer at home and abroad, and puts forward the necessity of developing new cycloid gear reducer. Firstly, based on the analysis of the principle of double cycloid gear transmission, it is pointed out that the needle teeth in the process of meshing with the inner and outer cycloid wheels are rolling and sliding because of the unequal length of the inner and outer cycloid wheels. In order to overcome this problem fundamentally, this paper proposes to superimpose small teeth on the outer edge of the inner and outer cycloidal wheels and the outer edge of the pin teeth to change the contact between the pin teeth and the inner and outer cycloidal wheels into the contact between the small teeth and the small teeth under the condition that the length of the inner and outer cycloidal wheels is equal to that of the outer cycloidal wheels. The rack can effectively reduce the axial size of the reducer and the number of parts. Then the cycloidal and arc pinions are successfully superimposed on the actual tooth profile of the inner and outer cycloidal gear by using Mathematica software, and the coordinate values of the superimposed cycloidal pinions are derived into the text file. Pro/E is used to read the data files after stacking cycloidal teeth, and the corresponding 3D solid models are established. Using Pro/E parametric modeling method, a simple three-dimensional solid model is established by superposing a single involute tooth on the inner and outer cycloids. The kinematics simulation using ADAMS verifies the feasibility of superposing the involute tooth. Referring to the design method of non-circular gear, the drawing method of superimposing involute small teeth on non-circular curve, the tooth profile normal method, the analytic method and the converted tooth profile method are analyzed. A three-dimensional solid model of reducer with superimposed involute pinion is designed by using the method of converted tooth profile and Pro/E. The involute teeth of inner and outer cycloidal wheels are calculated respectively. The kinematics of the virtual prototype was analyzed by ADAMS, and the rationality and reliability of superimposing the involute pinion with the method of converted tooth profile were verified. Finally, two sets of superimposed cycloid pinion reducers are designed in detail, the corresponding two-dimensional engineering drawings are drawn in detail, and the physical prototype is processed. The feasibility of the new reducer is validated effectively, which lays a good foundation for the further study of the new reducer.

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