Advantages and disadvantages of helical gearbox
Sep 10, 2018

The advantages of helical gearbox are:

1. Good meshing performance, low vibration, low noise and smooth transmission.

2, The coincidence degree is large. The load of each pair of teeth is reduced, and the bearing capacity and life of the gears are increased.

3, Because of the surface contact, the force area is large, the transmission torque is large, often used in heavy machinery.

4, The number of helical gears is less than that of the spur gear, so the helical gear is not easy to undercut.

5, The helical gear mechanism is more compact than the straight gear, small in volume, light in weight and high in transmission accuracy.

The disadvantages of helical gearbox are:

1, higher prices;

2, herringbone helical gear has high technical content and is rather troublesome to manufacture.

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