Analysis of Working Principles of Gear Reducer
Aug 30, 2018

       The gear reducer is one of the main products produced by Hangzhou Starred-River Machineey Manufacturer Company. Through continuous innovation and practice, it has achieved remarkable results. The Starred-River series reducer is also very high in the industry level, and has been well received by our customers. So what's the good thing about it? Next, let's take a look at the advantages of the Starred-River reducer by analyzing its working principles.

    A gear reducer is a mechanism by which the energy output of a high-speed motor or engine is redirected to turn another mechanical component at a lower rotational speed and at a higher torque. Gear reducers are devices that can take several forms. They are also referred to as gear boxes or gear shifters and are simple transmissions. Gear reducers also offer mechanical safety by reducing the speed of rotating equipment. In its most simple form, gear reduction takes place in set ratios that are related to a characteristic value of the input and output gear components.

     Starred-River gear reducer is a kind of transmission mechanism in power, which mainly outputs the motor, internal combustion engine and other high-speed power machines to the main shaft through deceleration situation, so as to achieve the purpose of deceleration.

 Gear reducer is generally used in low speed and high torque transmission equipment, the motor, internal combustion engine or other high-speed operation of power through the reducer input shaft of the number of teeth on the output shaft of the gear meshing gear to reduce speed, the ordinary reducer will also have several pairs of the same principle gear to achieve the desired deceleration effect The ratio of gear to gear is transmission ratio.

Normally, the power of the machine is set by the manufacturing process, so the power does not change under the rated conditions, so if the speed is relatively high, then the torque will be smaller; if the speed is smaller, then the torque will increase.

Some factories in order to produce the need, to increase the torque, so you need to use the reducer, the motor speed is reduced to open, so as to achieve greater torque.

*Above is the working principle of Starred-River reducer analysis, I hope it can help you in the selection of reducer.

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