Attentions for gearboxes lubrication
Oct 08, 2018

Here are the following points for attentions of gearboxes lubrication:

Power plant gearbox is very long-term use, and because the complex environment of the power plant, many times it is easy to cause some impurities inside the gearboxes or because improper use will reduce the service life of the reducer, the following to understand the gearboxes lubrication matters needing attention.


1. The gearboxes are usually lubricated by oil pool. When the sliding speed of worm throat is more than 10m/s, the pump should be used to circulate oil injection. The injection pressure is 0.07MPa, and when the pressure is more than 15-25m/s, the injection pressure is 0.147MPa.

2. It is suggested to use synthetic worm gear and worm oil. If the lubricating oil is not suitable, the worm gear may wear out quickly.

3. lubricating oil should be replaced regularly. When the new gearbox is used for the first time, new oil should be replaced after running for 7-14 days. It can be changed in 3-6 months according to the operation condition. If the lubricating oil contains too much impurities or serious oxidation, it will also accelerate worm wear. If the power plant cleans the reducer interior regularly during use, the gear box cleaning and maintenance machine helps the power plant to clean the lubricating oil inside the reducer regularly, and prolongs the service life of the lubricating oil inside the gearboxes.

4. When the deceleration surface is working, the greatest temperature rise and the absolute temperature must not exceed 80 C, and the absolute temperature must not exceed 100 C. When the working temperature exceeds 100 C, the deceleration surface should be checked whether the work is normal. If the normal temperature rise is too high, the forced cooling should be used to reduce the power.

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