Causes and solutions of oil leakage for Gearbox
Aug 30, 2018

Specific Causes 

   1. Pressure rise in tank

   In the enclosed gearbox, each pair of gears will produce heat when friction occurs during meshing. According to Boyle-Malloy's law, the temperature in the reduction box will gradually increase with the running time, while the volume of the gearbox will remain unchanged, so the pressure in the reduction box will increase, and the lubricating oil in the gearbox will be splashed and sprayed on the gear box. The inner wall. Because of the strong permeability of oil, under the pressure of the box, where the seal is not tight, oil will be seeped from where.

    2. The unreasonable design of reducer structure causes oil leakage.

   If the designed reducer does not have a ventilation hood, the reducer can not achieve even pressure, resulting in higher and higher pressure in the box, oil leakage phenomenon.

   3. Too much fuel.

   During the operation of the reducer, the oil pool is stirred seriously, and the lubricating oil splashes everywhere in the engine. If the amount of oil is too much, a large number of lubricating oil accumulates in the shaft seal, joint surface and so on, resulting in leakage.

   4. Improper maintenance process.

   In equipment overhaul, oil leakage may also occur due to incomplete cleaning of dirt on the joint surface, improper selection of sealants, reversed direction of seals, and improper replacement of seals.

Specific Solutions

   Polymer composites are used to repair and treat the oil leakage of reducer. Polymer composites are composed of polymer, metal or ceramic ultrafine powder, fiber, etc. with curing agent and curing accelerator. All kinds of materials complement each other in performance and produce synergistic effect, so that the comprehensive performance of the composite material is better than the original material. With strong adhesion, mechanical properties, and chemical corrosion resistance, it is widely used in the repair of mechanical wear, scratches, pits, cracks, leakage, casting sand holes and various chemical storage tanks, reaction tanks, pipelines, chemical corrosion protection and repair. For the leakage of static sealing point of reducer, Mega-Ka-Hua polymer composite material and technology can be used to control the leakage without disassembly. The polymer composite material can control the leakage externally, save time and labor. The effect is immediate. The product has superior adhesive force, oil resistance and 350% tensile degree, which overcomes the vibration of reducer. It has solved many problems that can not be solved for many years. If the static sealing point of the reducer leaks oil in operation, the surface engineering technology can be used to plug the oil surface emergency repairing agent, thus eliminating the oil leakage.

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