Common cooling methods of gearbox
Sep 07, 2018

When the temperature of the gearbox is too high after long running, we need to cool it down. Starred-River gearbox is generally cooled by increasing the external cooling method, the common external cooling methods are mainly as follows:

1. Fan heat dissipation.

(1). The use of fan heat dissipation is simple and easy to operate and very convenient operation.

(2). This cooling method is not suitable for cooling gearbox in coal mine or other environment, otherwise it will pollute the surrounding working environment and mechanical equipment.


2. Water-cooled coil.

(1). The pipeline installed at the bottom of the gear box and connected with the cooling water can effectively increase the thermal conductivity, reduce the oil temperature and increase the thermal power.

(2). The cooling structure of water-cooled coil is limited by the installation space in the reducer box, and the coiling length of the disc-shaped tube can not be very long, so its cooling effect is limited. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, good heat dissipation effect and easy serialization.


3. External lubrication.

(1). This kind of cooling means that an air-cooled or water-cooled device is installed outside the gearbox to cool the lubricating oil in the Starred-River gearbox, and then the cooled lubricating oil is returned to the gearbox for lubrication. The external lubrication is mainly used for cooling under high power or when the ambient temperature is high.

(2). The advantage of external lubrication is good cooling effect, and the life of lubricating oil is high, the disadvantage is that more control points, but also a greater increase in the probability of accidents.

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