Common fault cause and solving method of gearboxes
Sep 13, 2018

Common fault cause and solving method of gearboxes:

1.Overload operation: adjust to proper load.

2.Lubricating oil is too little or too much :add suitable amount of lubricating oil in accordance with the instructions.

3.Lubricating oil is bad or improper:discharge the oil and add proper lubricant.

4.Excessive oil seal friction:drop several drops of lubricating oil at the oil seal.

5.The unsuitable connection between the force shaft and the transmission device:adjust to the appropriate position.

6.Bad meshing of worm,repair the meshing surface.

7.Bearing damage or bearing gap is too large,replace the bearing.

8.Foreign body invasion,remove the foreign body and replace the lubricating oil.

9.Bad drive device,fix the drive device.

10.Worm wear and tear,change the worm.

11.Bolt loosening,locking the bolt.

12.Oil mirror breakage,change the oil mirror.

13.High operating temperature,improve the ventilation environment.

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