Conical and Cylindrical Gearbox
Aug 25, 2018

Applicable Scope and Feature

 1. Applicable Scope

Conical and Cylindrical gearbox is used in most kinds of conveyance machine,and also is used in metallurgy,mine,chemical,building material,light industry,and petroleum.

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 2. Features

 1) The main parameter,for example,center distance and ratio,are according to R20,and main parts can be interchanged between different series.

 2) Loading capacity is high.The gears are super alloy steel, carburized,quenched,ground.

 3) Small volume,light weight,high precision,high efficiency,long life and low noise(no more than 85db)

 4) Splash lubrication.When the thermal power is not enough,please adopt the     circular oil lubrication or circular water cooling.

 3. The condition and the range of parameter

        -Input speed should be no more than 1500r/min;

        -The max.circumference speed of gear is 20m/s;

     -Ambient temperature -40°C ~+45°C .

        -The range of ratio 4~500.

        -The longest nominal center distance of the largest stage is 800mm.

 4. Structure

     The gearboxes are composed by the combination of cylindrical helical involte gears and the combination of Gleeson bevel gears. If required,the backstop can be installed at the extension of the shaft at the second stage.

 5. The type of reducer is composed of type code, nominal center distance a (last center distance), nominal transmission ratio, assembly form code and input shaft rotation direction code.

        For example,DBY Conical and cylindrical gearbox

        -D-belt conveyor class code

        -B-two drive

        -C-three drive

        -F-four drive

        -Y-hard face gear

        -Z-hard face gear

        -K-output shaft for the hollow shaft form.

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