Cooling Methods of Electric Motors
Nov 06, 2018

With the development of China's economy and heavy industry, the use of gear motors has become widespread, electric motors play a very important role in industrial production, so in order to make the equipment run better, it is necessary to cool it after operation, in order to prolong the service life of the equipment, the following will explain the device for you. 

The cooling way is:

1. Oil film cooling of rotor

The cooling method is to connect an oil pipeline at the entrance of the electric motors, and take away the heat of the rotor with uniform dropping cooling oil.

2. Air cooling

The so-called wet deceleration motor is transmitted by a combined muffler with comprehensive absorption and phase difference after compressed air inhaled by intermediate or two stages.

3. Water cooling

Reduction motors generate heat by conveying and compressing gases, which must be transmitted from the rotor to the housing.

4. Internal cooling of the rotor

In order to make the electric motors work under higher pressure difference, a more effective cooling method can be adopted, that is, the rotor is cooled with circulating oil, oil holes and oil diameter axle heads are penetrated at both ends of the pump shaft, and then discharged from the other end through the inner wall of the rotor.

Several points in this paper are the knowledge of cooling modes of gear motor. We can generally understand several cooling modes to select cooling modes for our own equipment. The deceleration motor is in long-term operation, and after operation, proper maintenance should be carried out to avoid affecting the operation efficiency and service life of the equipment.

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