Correct Installation of Gear Reducer
Jan 28, 2019

Correct device, application and maintenance of gear reducer is an important link to ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment. Therefore, when you install planetary gear reducer, it is necessary to strictly follow the following sequence of devices and carefully install it.

The specific steps are as follows:

Step 1: 

Before installation, the motor and gear speed reducer should be admitted to be in good condition, and strict inspection of the driving motor and gear reducer to connect the various parts of the scale match. This refers to the scale and cooperative service between the positioning bump and shaft diameter of the driving motor flange and the positioning groove and aperture of the reducer flange; scrubbing the dirt and burrs on the cooperative surface.

Step 2: 

Remove the screw plug on the process hole beside the flange of the gear reducer, rotate the input end of the reducer, align the inner hexagonal screw cap with the process hole, pierce the inner hexagonal screw and loosen the inner hexagonal screw.

Step 3: 

Hand-held drive motor, make the key slot on the shaft and the input hole of the reducer hold the screw straight, and pierce the drive motor shaft into the input hole of the reducer. When penetrating, it is necessary to ensure that the concentricity of the two flanges is consistent and parallel to each other. It is necessary to find out the reasons for the inconsistency of concentricity or the non-parallel flanges on both sides. In addition, hammering is strictly prohibited in the device, which can avoid the damage of both bearings caused by excessive axial or radial force of hammering, and can be judged by the device feel to determine whether the cooperation between the two is appropriate. The method to distinguish the concentricity of cooperation and the parallelism of flanges is that the flanges of the two are basically close and the gap is identical after penetrating each other.

Step 4: 

In order to ensure the uniform acceptance of the two flanges, the fastening screw of the driving motor should be screwed freely, but not tightened; then the four fastening screw should be screwed step by step according to the diagonal orientation; finally, the fastening screw of the input end hole of the gearbox should be screwed. Be sure to tighten the fastening screw of the driving motor before tightening the screw of the input hole of the gear reducer.

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