Cylindrical Gear Reducer
Aug 27, 2018

Features and Application Scope

   The reducers include 4 kinds of series:ZDY (single-stage),ZLY(two-stage),ZSY(third-stage),ZFY(four-stage).and 57 kinds of sizes,54 kinds of ratios(People’s Republic Of China major standard:JB/T8853-2001). They are mainly used in metallurgy,mine,transportation,power,cement,building,chemical,textile and light industry.

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Cylindrical Gear Reducer

The application condition:

  1.The gear’s circumference speed≤20m/s;high speed shaft’s speed ≤1500r/min.

  2.Ambient temperature:-40℃~+45℃(If the ambient temperature less than 0℃,lubrication oil should be more than 0℃).

  3.Bidirectional rotation.

  4.With backstop, it can be used for only one way transmission under working condition.

 Main characteristics:

  1.Compared with the former reducers,the dimensions of hard teeth face reducers are decreased by 56%,and the weight are decreased by 40%,but service life are increased by 3~4 times,and carry capacity are increased by 8~10 times.

  2.Housing not only has compact construction,artistic outline,but also has higher rigidity.

  3.Main spare parts such as gears,shafts are made of high-strength alloy steel and treated with carburization,quencher,gear grinding. The precision of gear is grade 6.

  4.The running efficiency of each stage is 98~99%.

  5.The reducer can be assembled with backstop.

  --The output type can be hollow shaft,which including straight key way connection and expansion plate connection.

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