Explanation of vibration value of gear reduction motors
Nov 07, 2018

Gear reduction motor is now widely used in the development of factories and manufacturing industries. Many buyers have doubts about the vibration value of the reduction motor. The following article mainly explains the knowledge of the vibration value of the equipment, hoping to bring help to you.

For the installation of deceleration motor and its base condition, the difference of vibration between the ground and foot joints is less than 5 um, which shows that the whole installation of non-deceleration motor is not firm, and the vibration value of deceleration motor is large. The maximum horizontal vibration value of high-speed shaft is 0.35 mm, which has greatly exceeded the standard value of 0.08mm. It needs analysis and treatment. However, the horizontal direction of the base of the gear motor is obviously higher, and the difference between the vibration value of the base in the upper and lower distance of about 400 mm vertical is close to 90 microns. The stiffness of the base is obviously weak due to the less support ribs, 1830 kg dead weight of the gear motor and 1480 RPM working speed. Therefore, the rigidity of the base is not enough to be the main reason for the large vibration of the deceleration motor, which also plays an obvious role in amplifying the frequency doubling component of the vibration composition.


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The exciting force in the equipment includes: the force produced by the transmission torque of the motor; the residual unbalanced force of the reducer motor rotor; and the meshing force of the reducer motor gear. The stiffness of the support system, the unbalance of the reducer shaft and the stiffness difference of the reducer base have the following factors: the support bearings of the reducer motor's rotating axles; the installation of the reducer motor body; the support stiffness of the reducer motor, which is directly related to the stiffness, is the support bearings and the support stiffness of the reducer motor's rotating axles. Degree status.

Reduce the unbalanced force of the reducer shaft system and reinforce the reducer base. If serious coal accumulation is found at the side-to-back wheel of the deceleration motor during maintenance, it is the main cause of large unbalance. At the same time, the base of the deceleration motor is reinforced with stiffened plates and concrete. After starting, the vibration values of the deceleration motor are less than 0.06mm, so as to achieve the purpose of vibration elimination.

Reduction motors are widely used in various industries. It is necessary to understand the knowledge of products in order to really use the products correctly. For operators, it is necessary to really understand the products in order to prevent operation errors and deal with problems.

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