F Series Parallel Shaft Helical Geared Motors
Oct 12, 2018

1. Product description
1.F series parallel shaft helical geared motors are cast precisely by high steel material and processed at processing center.The whole gear motors are small in volume, with great load-carrying capacity, steady running, low noise and high efficiency.

2.Equipment method
There are lots of mounting methods for Helical Gearboxes, such as Foot installation, Foot installation with hollow shaft, Foot installation with splined hollow shaft, Foot installation with hollow shaft and shrink disc, B5 flange installation, B5 flange installation with hollow shaft, etc.

3.Technical parameter
Power: 0.12KW~200KW
Torque: 200N·m~18000N·m
Velocity rate: 4~31500

2. Characteristics of F series parallel shaft helical geared motors

Compact construction, saves space for mounting, large load-bearing capacity and long life. High transmission efficiency and low noise. A single machine can reach a transmission efficiency as much as 96%.

3. Application area
Wide application, specialize in Metallurgy, Sewage treatment, Chemical Industry, Pharmacy, Agriculture equipment, Oil industry, Belt Conveyor, Food machine, Mixer, Mixing machine, Automatic production line, Packaging, Material handling, Papermaking, Sugar making, Engineering Machines, Construction, etc.

4. Our service
1)Have many years of production experience.
2)We have the independent right to export, price better, can control the quality and delivery time.
3)Professional engineers for your design, drawing, ensure the quality of production if non-standard products.
4)The photos and films of production process will be reported to you. 
5)The Warranty period is 12 months.


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