Failure replacement method of transmission bevel gear
Aug 27, 2018

The method of replacing the bevel gears of the transmission long shaft is invalid:

      1. The spare bevel gear is cut to two parts along the tooth spacing, and the groove is welded at the welding point.

     2. In the gearbox where the lubricating oil is discharged, cut the bevel gears that need to be replaced on the long shaft with an oxygen cutting gun.

     3. After the shaft is cooled, place half of the bevel gear on the shaft, and put the flat key into the shaft, flat with the shaft, choose a tooth, so that the plane on the top of the tooth and passive bevel gear arbitrary top of the plane into a right angle.

    4. The actual contact line of the 4 and two tooth surfaces should be near the theoretical meshing line of the tooth surface.

   5. Then spot weld the bevel gear on the long shaft with J422 electrode, then rotate the transmission shaft slowly to observe the occlusion of the bevel gear. If the occlusion is smooth and the occlusal surface reaches more than 60%, the other side bevel gear can be closed, and the two half bevel gears can be spot welded, then slowly rotate the drive shaft to observe the occlusal status of the whole bevel gear.

     6. If it is not suitable, if the occlusal area is too small, the occlusal area will be adjusted until the occlusion is suitable. After proper occlusion, fill the slotting of the bevel gear with J422 electrode.

    ----This method introduced by Starred-River Drive can be completed in about 40 minutes with one fitter and one welder each. Compared with the overhaul method of replacing the whole transmission shaft, it saves personnel 500 and saves time by 70%.

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