Fault, cause and treatment of gear coupling
May 16, 2018

The couplings often have the following four faults:

The tooth surface of the coupling is seriously damaged. 2. The axial displacement of the coupling is larger and cannot even be engaged. 3. The coupling occurs with broken teeth. 4. The coupling bolt is broken.

The causes of these faults mainly include the following two aspects: 1. Improper use of oil or grease, resulting in calcification of grease, which can not lubricate the surface of the teeth, or the lubrication is not good enough to cause serious wear.

Treatment method: as long as the new grease is replaced, the qualified lubricating grease should be injected on time to prevent oil leakage and sufficient oil, which can be avoided. 2. The horizontal and coaxial errors of the two axes are too large, which exceeds the range of the coupling, which makes the shaft teeth meshing with the internal teeth inaccurately, causing local contact, while the additional torque is added. And this additional moment can be decomposed into axial force. Acting on the inner ring, the size of the large and small deviation of the force is determined, proportional to the deviation, the greater the deviation, the greater the force, resulting in the axial displacement of the inner ring of the coupling. If the displacement is too large to be controlled, the gear wear is severe, even broken teeth, internal and external teeth can not engage, until the transmission. Processing method: this kind of fault treatment is difficult and needs to be discontinued. That is to rediscover the positive, or the reducer to focus on the new positive, or to focus on the new positive. First of all find out error offset parts, that is to measure coupling to the lateral offset, namely the measurement of spindle levelness and coaxial degree and the levelness of the reducer shaft and coaxial degree, in accordance with the quality scale copy again find is flat, can eliminate the fault. If I have found such faults on site, the promotion machine is JK 1 2. 5/11. 5 single rope around the promotion machine of entanglement, then measured the concentricity deviation of coupling 2 n, reducer side is low, lead to lifting accessories couplings can't work, the ring gear axial displacement than tooth width, the calculation of surveying and mapping, reducer, should be to find is in accordance with the quality scale, the adjusted, the normal operation and fault elimination.

In addition, the horizontal and concentricity errors of the two axes are large enough to cause the coupling to roll. It is similar to the reason for the gear wear of the coupling gear, and the connecting bolt is broken by the additional bending moment besides the normal force. That's the main reason. This is mainly due to the large difference in the water level of the main shaft of the reducer. In addition, the bolt diameter is finer, the strength is not enough or the bolt material is poor also can cause the bolt fracture phenomenon.

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