Gear damage analysis of helical gear reducer
Sep 03, 2018

Through continuous innovation and improvement, the helical gear reducer produced by China Starred-River Machinery has already possessed certain anti-risk ability, but in order to reduce its problems in the operation process, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive and detailed analysis to improve its efficiency.

The gear damage of helical gear reducer is a problem occurred in the operation process, and then we will analyze this problem.

The problem of broken teeth. The reasons for broken teeth can be divided into two cases, one is fatigue fracture, the other is overload fracture.

In the case of normal operation of the gear, the gear will be repeatedly subjected to alternating load, in the dangerous surface of the gear, will produce bending fatigue stress, so long-term wear will produce fatigue cracks at the root of the gear.

The fatigue crack of the gear will deepen gradually under the action of alternating bending fatigue stress, and the gear will break because of the motion fatigue for a long time.

In the process of running, the gear will be subjected to an overload impact and load changes in a short time, so that the wear of the gear will gradually become thin, and then break in work.

In view of the above-mentioned broken teeth problem, without affecting the gear transmission, the larger radius of the gear root circle will be increased, and the roughness of the machined surface will be reduced to a large extent, so that the gear can reduce the wear phenomenon caused by the concentrated force in the working process, thereby increasing the shaft and self-support. The degree of rigidity, in the process of local load on the face of the gear gradually eased the load, so that the center part of the gear has a strong toughness, and then can be strengthened and treated in the gear eradication position, in order to continuously improve the gear fracture resistance closed.

These are all the analysis contents of gear damage of gear reducer of China Starred-River Machinery.

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