Helical Worm Gearbox
Aug 24, 2018

         Helical worm gearbox is a kind of power transmission mechanism, which reduces the number of rotations of the motor to the desired number of rotations by using the speed converter of gears and obtains a larger torque. In the mechanism for transmitting power and motion, the application of reducer is quite extensive.

        For SR geared motors,the boxes are cast precisely by high steel material and processed at processing center;the gears are made of high-quality alloy steel,are treated with surface hardening and toothed;and the key parts are important.The whole geared motors are small in volume,with great load-carrying capacity,steady running,low noise and high efficiency.SR geared motors have reached the advance international level,can replace the same kind of products imported,and can be used widely in over ten fields,such as metallurgy,mine,machine,energy,transportation,water conservancy,chemical industry,light industry,printing package,pharmacy,food,textile,building,building material,tobacco,matter flowing and environmental protection.

        1. Advantages:

          (1).Single stage speed ratio:

        The single-stage speed ratio of circular gear transmission and bevel gear transmission is generally about 1/10, while the speed ratio of 1/70-1/100 is easy to select. So worm gear reducer can use smaller size to achieve large speed ratio. The general speed ratio is 1/5, 1/25, 1/70, 1/150 worm gear reducer and helical gear reducer, the transmission power is 30 horsepower, the shaft speed is 1200 rpm.

          (2).Transshipment Low noise and small vibration:

        The main contact between circular gear and bevel gear is rolling contact while the worm gear is sliding contact, so there are few factors causing noise and vibration. To this end, electric escalators, elevators, moving sidewalks and in recent years to prevent pollution machinery, like the use of worm gear reducers.

          (3).Axes can be arranged vertically and disintersected:

        The arrangement of worm shaft and worm wheel shaft can sometimes save the installation area of the prime mover and the slave mover, and is convenient and reasonable.

          (4).Prevention of reversal:

         When the worm lead angle is less than the friction angle, the worm wheel can not drive the worm theoretically, that is to say, the self-locking worm transmission device can be designed. However, in fact, the friction coefficient of tooth surface changes from static friction coefficient to dynamic friction coefficient because of vibration and other reasons, so it sometimes rotates slowly, and it is difficult to achieve complete self-locking.

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