How to replace needle bearing for precision mechanical cam divider?
Nov 27, 2018

The rotation of the cam divider depends on the internal needle roller bearing to drive the rotating cam. If the bearing is broken, the whole cam divider will be broken. Generally, it is not recommended to replace the internal parts by itself, so we can contact the manufacturer to repair it.

First, loosen the output sleeve of the cam divider, take out the output shaft, and do not loosen the pressure cap at the back end, so that the axial position will remain unchanged when loading again.

The second is to loosen the locking nut at the back end of the output shaft and the output sleeve at the front end of the output shaft of the splitter, so that the output shaft can be taken out together with the sleeve, and then loaded with the lock nut, so that the output shaft can return to its original position.


Suggestions without installation experience do not disassemble at will, so as not to be able to install back.

Note: When installing it back, we must pay attention to the fact that no foreign body is inside the divider.

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