Introduction to the structure of gearbox
Aug 29, 2018

      The structure and weight of the gearbox is very much, today China Starred-River Machine on the common gear reducer to do a simple introduction.

     The gearbox consists of a box body, an oil plug (screw plug), an oil gauge, a peep hole, an air hole, a cover opening screw, a positioning pin, a hook, a ring screw or a lug, and a stop washer and a shaft end gear ring.

Helical Conic and cylindrial Gear Reduce--.jpg

   Hard Cylindrical Gearbox


  1.Reducer box: The box is one of the main parts of the reducer, in order to disassemble and assemble conveniently, often use fractional structure, and use bolts to lower the box seat and cover into a whole.

   2.Oil plug (screw plug): Set in the lower side of the box seat, use and change oil, remove oil dirt and remove oil from the reducer cavity when discharging oil.

   3.Dipstick: the height of the oil surface used to check the lubricating oil in the reducer.

 4.Peephole: Set at the top of the box cover, with observation, check gear meshing and lubrication, lubricating oil is also injected into the hole.

  5.Ventilation hole: After each working period of time, the temperature will gradually increase, which will cause the expansion of air in the box, oil vapor from the hole in time to discharge, so that the pressure inside and outside the box is consistent, so as to ensure that the box seal is not destroyed.

   6.Opening Screw: Sealing glue is usually coated on the joint surface of the flange connecting the box cover and the box seat. It is difficult to remove the box cover. Only by screwing the screw can the box cover be lifted.

   7.Positioning pin: In order to ensure the accuracy of boring and assembling the box bearing seat hole, the box cover and box seat should be positioned with two tapered pins and fastened with connecting bolts before boring the bearing hole.

    8. Hook: use and hoist the entire reducer, and the box seat into one.

    9.Ring screw or lug: Connect the box cover with thread, only for use in the process of production or disassembly.

   10.Stop washer and shaft end gear ring: make coupling and axle end drive wheel positioned.

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