Machining process of gear boxes shell parts
Sep 04, 2018

As shown in Fig.1, the shell part of Starred-River gear boxes have complex structure, and it is difficult to guarantee the quality by ordinary processing technology. Therefore, we optimized the processing technology.


                                                         Fig. 1: Shell parts of Starred-River gear boxes

1. Control of key technologies.

In addition to stipulating the blank, the machining of the gear boxes shell also needs strict requirements on the hole and plane, specifically to achieve: first, the size gap of the main hole must reach IT6, the surface roughness is Rum; second, the parallelism tolerance between the two axes is 0,04mm.

2. The choice of machine tools.

To realize the machining process of gear boxes shell, we must choose the corresponding machine tool.

(1). First of all, the machine tool should have a high performance CNC system with fast corresponding ability, especially the advanced reading, automatic acceleration and deceleration, error compensation and other functions, generally should use a machining center with a higher speed of 1000r/min or more.

(2). Followed by micron accuracy. The machining error of the Starred-River gear boxes shell must be strictly controlled.

Therefore, it is necessary to select machine tools with micron precision.

(3)  Then have lightweight displacement parts and high dynamic and static stiffness.

3. Sandardize processing procedures.

The specific processing steps are:

(1). First, face the back hole first. Because the machining area of reducer shell is relatively large, especially the plane area is large, so in order to reduce the machining error caused by instability, we can adopt the processing technology of first face and then hole. This avoids the deviation of props due to uneven shell surface.

(2). Followed by fine and rough processing separately. Because the inner stress of the workpiece is small and the precision of the blank is high, the deformation of the workpiece is relatively small after rough machining. Therefore, the main hole can be roughed and finished after rough and finish machining on the reference plane and other planes, so that the number of working procedures can be reduced, the number of clamping parts can be reduced, and the machining allowance can also be reduced.

(3). Then the processing technology with special requirements needs to be strictly operated according to the processing procedure.

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