Matters needing attention in the installation of gearbox
Sep 08, 2018

Planetary gearbox has the characteristics of small size, high transmission efficiency, wide range of deceleration, high precision and so on, so it is widely used in servo, DC, stepping and other transmission systems.

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    Helical-Bevel Gearbox


Although planetary gearbox seems simple and practical, and the use of the process is handy, but often in the initial installation process due to staff violations of operating procedures or simplified installation procedures caused by accidental losses. The following, Starred-River gearbox manufacturers on a simple point analysis of planetary gearbox installation process should pay attention to some matters:

1. Carefully confirm whether the gearbox is complete before installation. Star River reducer will go through strict precision and quality inspection before leaving factory, there will be no defects, but do not rule out the damage caused by carelessness in the process of transportation, so before installation to confirm its integrity.

2. Use the correct way to remove the motor shaft key. The axle key is a core component of the reducer equipment. It must be removed carefully according to the correct operation process in the installation process, otherwise it is very useful to cause unexpected losses.

3. Let the reducer and motor connect naturally. This step can be said to be a key step in the installation process of the whole Star River reducer, but it is also a step that is easy to overlook the details, many times the reducer failure is caused in this link.

4. Strict use of standard auxiliary tools for equipment. In the installation process, installation staff must strictly use the standard auxiliary tools for assembly, can not use common tools for standardization, because common tools do not have the accuracy of such low error equipment installation conditions.

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