Matters needing attention in the use of lubricating oil of speed reducer
Dec 04, 2018

Detailed matters needing attention in the use of lubricating oil of speed reducer:

1. For the centralized lubrication reducer system with dilute oil, because the temperature of lubricating oil or oil tank is more stringent, cooler (steam cooling) or cooling coil (water cooling) is usually used to cool it. Although gear oil is required to have good anti-emulsification performance, it is easy to emulsify the oil after infiltrating a considerable amount of water into the oil. After emulsifying the gear oil with extreme pressure anti-wear agent, the additive is hydrolyzed or precipitated and separated, and the original performance is lost, and harmful substances are produced, which causes the gear oil to deteriorate rapidly and lose its service performance.

2. For the gearbox system using pump for circulating lubrication, attention should be paid to the differential pressure of the pump and the timely cleaning of the filter screen. If the pressure difference of the pump is large in a short period of time, or the frequency of cleaning the filter screen increases significantly, and the sludge and metal debris on the filter screen increase significantly, in a sense, the use of lubricating oil is not very good. In addition to material and design problems, it can be said that the selection of lubricating oil is not reasonable enough: first, the viscosity is not appropriate, second, heavy load can be used to replace the medium load, that is, the use of high-grade gear oil, the effect will be significantly improved.

3. It is necessary to avoid mixing new oil with old oil (instead of filling it as required) or adding high-viscosity oil because of the decrease of viscosity but in order to achieve a certain viscosity. In this way, there may be some short-term effects, but the performance of oil products will be significantly reduced, and the lubrication conditions of equipment will become worse, resulting in increased wear and tear, which in a sense will shorten the service life of equipment. In addition, because the main agent is different, the "fight" of additives occurs in the mixing process, which makes the role of additives offset each other, and the consequences for the equipment are inconceivable.


4. Regarding the oil replacement period, theoretically speaking, the short oil replacement period can better reduce the wear of friction pairs and prolong the service life of equipment, and provide a necessary condition for ensuring its normal operation. However, from the perspective of economic benefits, oil products should be used more accurately and effectively.blobblob

Whether or not to change oil and when to change oil should be considered according to the start-up time and the start-up rate of the equipment, in addition to following the rules of oil change period, so as to maximize the use of oil products.

5. Oil temperature, vibration and noise of oil equipment should be monitored regularly. Because when the lubrication condition changes, the tooth surface damage can directly lead to vibration and noise significantly enhanced.

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