Parameters needed for gearbox selection
Aug 23, 2018

In order to guarantee that your final selection is both economic and reliable,please provide as far as possible the following parameters during selection,so that we can check the accuracy of the selection.

1.Driven device:

-Name and type

-Load nature(by impact coefficient or inertia)

-Running load

-Output power

-Output speed

-Continuous operation time(h/day,h/month,h/year)

-Starting torque and frequency

-Braking torque and frequency

-CW/CCW running and frequency

-Radial and axial load


2.Prime mover:

-Model and type

-Rated power and speed

-Max. Torque

-Starting torque

-When the rotary inertia is connected with motor directly,refer to the manual of motor

-Code and attachment

-Whether the position of terminal box for the motor is specified.



-Model required

-Mounting type

-Assembling style

-Output form

-Power supply




-Other accessories



-Connecting the driven device with reducer

-Connecting gearbox with motor or other prime mover

*When it is to connect by using belt,chain or exposed gear,one must specify the diameter of belt,chain or gear at shaft end as well as the central distance and load direction.

*If rigid coupling is used,one must specify the radial and axial load applied on the shaft.


5.Ambient condition:

-Ambient temperature,open site,narrow site,ventilation condition

-Special condition:high temperature,low temperature,dust,chemical action,direct sunshine,ice,etc.


6.Special conditions:

       For example:overhung intermediate shaft;stop by braking(e.g. Tilt conveyor);special sealing(dust,food with strict requirement and chemical material);auxiliary driving,speed monitoring,protection,non-return unit,etc.

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