Performance Characteristics of Lubricating Oil for Gearbox
Dec 19, 2018

1. Good abrasion resistance

Abrasion resistance refers to the ability of lubricating oil of gearbox to form and maintain oil film on the friction surface between moving parts, prevent metal from contacting each other and reduce wear. The abrasion resistance of gearbox lubricating oil mainly depends on oil and extreme pressure (shear resistance).

Oiliness refers to the ability of gear oil to form oil film on the friction surface of parts to reduce friction and wear. Usually we say that gear oil has good oil properties, which means that it has strong adsorption capacity and can improve the anti-wear ability.

Extreme pressure refers to the performance of preventing sintering, gluing and other damage to the friction surface under extremely high pressure lubrication conditions where the contact pressure on the friction surface is very high and the oil film is prone to rupture. It is also called load-carrying capacity.

2. Viscosity and Viscosity-Temperature

The lubricating oil of gearboxes must have proper viscosity and good viscosity-temperature property. Generally speaking, the use of high viscosity lubricants is beneficial to prevent damage and reduce noise, while low viscosity lubricants are better in transmission efficiency, cooling effect and oil transmission.

For viscous-temperature performance, gear reducer lubricants do not change as much as engine oil, but because of the great pressure on the tooth surface, good viscous-temperature performance is also required, especially in cold areas. Otherwise, the wear and tear will be aggravated and the fuel consumption will be increased.

3. Oxidation stability

The gear reducer lubricants are affected by the stirring of gears and the continuous contact with oxygen. Under the catalysis of metal, various kinds of oxides are formed under the catalysis of metal, which makes the viscosity of the lubricating oil increase, the color becomes deeper, the acid value rises, the sediment increases, the color darkens, and the corrosion of the machine parts is caused, resulting in the deterioration of the foam resistance and oxidation resistance of the lubricating oil, so that the lubricating oil has to be replaced.

Lubricants with good oxidation stability have a long service life. Therefore, antioxidants are usually added to lubricants to improve oxidation stability.

4. Anti-rust property and corrosion resistance

Anti-rust property refers to the performance of lubricating oil of speed reducer to prevent metal from rusting. Anti-corrosion refers to the performance of gear oil to prevent metal corrosion.

The rusting of metal parts is mainly caused by the presence of oxygen and water in lubricating oil. Corrosion is caused by acids and sulfides in the oil. Usually, rust-proof additives and corrosion-proof additives are added to the lubricating oil of reducer to improve.

5. Foam resistance

The gearbox lubricating oil will produce many small bubbles under the intense stirring of gear movement. If small bubbles disappear quickly, they will not affect the use. If a stable foam no longer disappears and produces emulsification and deterioration, it will overflow on the tooth surface, destroy the lubricating oil film and aggravate the wear.

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