Planetary Cycloidal Pinwheel Gear Reducer
Aug 30, 2018


     Planetary cycloidal pinwheel gear reducer is a speed reducing device taking use of planetary driving principle,engaged by cycloidal pinwheel,with advanced design and novel structure.This kind of reducer has replaced two-stage and three-stage ordinary cylindrical gear reducer and cylindrical worm reducer in most cases.

  The reducer can be widely used in the speed reducing mechanism of various driving machines,e.g.:craning、transportation、mining、metallurgy、petrochemical、textile、printing and dyeing light、industry、food、pharmacy、rubber、plastic、packing、beer、road-building、environmental and grain-oil machines,etc.

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                                                  Planetary Cycloidal Pinwheel Gear Reducer 

  2.Product characteristics:

     Cycloidal pin wheel reducer is a relatively new type of transmission mechanism, its unique stable structure in many cases can replace the ordinary cylindrical gear reducer and worm gear reducer, because the planetary cycloid reducer has high speed ratio and high efficiency, compact structure, small volume, smooth operation, low noise, reliable use, life It is characterized by long life, reasonable design, convenient maintenance, easy decomposition and installation.

   (1) The transmission ratio is large. The transmission ratio is 1/6-1/87 in the first stage, 1/99-1/7569 in the second stage and 1/5841-1/658503 in the third stage. In addition, multistage combination can be adopted according to need, and the speed ratio reaches the designated size.

    (2) High transmission efficiency. Due to the rolling engagement of the meshing part, the efficiency of the first class transmission is 90%--95%.

   (3) Compact structure, small size and light weight. The volume can be reduced by 1/2--2/3 compared with the ordinary cylindrical gear reducer.

   (4) Fewer failures and longer life. The main transmission meshing parts are manufactured by grinding bearing steel, so the mechanical properties and wear resistance are good, and because of rolling friction, so the fault is less and the life is longer.

   (5) Smooth and reliable operation. Because of the multi tooth engagement in the transmission process, it makes it run smoothly and reliably, and the noise is low.

    (6) Easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to maintain.

  (7) Strong overload capacity, shock resistance, low inertia torque, suitable for frequent starting and reverse operation characteristics.



     All transmission devices of planetary reducer can be divided into three parts: input part, deceleration part and output part.

      A double eccentric sleeve with a misalignment of 180 degrees is mounted on the input shaft, and two roller bearings are mounted on the eccentric sleeve to form an H-mechanism. The center holes of the two cycloidal wheels are the raceways of the eccentric sleeve upper arm bearings, and the cycloidal wheels engage with a group of ring-shaped pinion gears on the pinion gears to form an internal meshing deceleration mechanism with less teeth difference. In order to reduce friction, in the reducer with smaller speed reduction ratio, the needle teeth are fitted with needle teeth sleeves.

    When the input shaft rotates for one cycle with an eccentric sleeve, the motion of the cycloid wheel becomes a plane motion with both revolution and rotation due to the characteristics of the curve of the rack on the cycloid wheel and the limitation of the pin teeth on the pin gear. When the input shaft rotates for one cycle, the eccentric sleeve also rotates for one cycle, and the cycloid wheel rotates one tooth difference in the opposite direction from And get deceleration, then with the help of W output mechanism, the cycloid wheel low-speed rotation movement through the pin shaft, transfer to the output shaft, so as to obtain a lower output speed.



      The transmission mechanism of planetary gear reducer is a gear. Its structure is not sketched. Simply imagine that there are one or two circles, two circles are concentric, and there are three other small circles in the ring between the two circles. The largest one of all circles is an inner gear ring, and the other four small circles are gears. The middle one is called the sun. The servo motor drives the sun wheel of the reducer, the sun wheel drives the planetary wheel supported on the inner gear ring, and the planetary wheel drives the output shaft connected with the outer gear ring through its meshing transmission with the outer gear ring.


  5.Main feature:

    (1) High speed ratio and high efficiency

Advanced transmission, can reach 1:87 deceleration ratio, efficiency in more than 90%, if the use of multi-stage transmission, deceleration ratio is greater.

    (2) Compact structure and small volume.

    (3) Smooth running and low noise.

Cycloidal pin teeth have many meshing teeth, large overlap coefficient and stable mechanism, so that the vibration and noise are limited to the minimum.

    (4) Reliable and long life.

    Due to the main parts of the bearing steel, quenched (HRC58-62) to obtain high strength, and part of the transmission contact using rolling friction, so long life.

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