Principle of planetary gearbox
Jul 19, 2018

   To understand the principle of the planetary gearbox, we must first know its structural composition. The planetary reducer consists of the body, the planet carrier, the planetary gear, the sun gear, the stage gear, the internal gear ring, the output bearing, the output shaft oil seal, the input bearing, the input force. Shaft oil seal and various fixing screws. Among them, the planetary gear (combined in the carrier), the sun gear stage gear, and the inner gear ring are basically transmitted to the four parts of the structure. The principle of its transmission is:

    ◆1. The driving source starts the sun gear in a direct connection manner, and the sun gear drives the planetary gears combined on the planetary carrier.

    ◆2. The whole set of planetary gear systems rotates automatically along the outer gear ring, and the output of the planetary frame is connected to the output shaft for acceleration.

     ◆3. The higher reduction ratio needs to be multiplied by multiple sets of stage gears and planetary gears.


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