Problems of slot numbers for speed reduction motor
Nov 03, 2018

With the development of industry, the use of deceleration motor is becoming more and more popular. Because of its good performance and good application in many aspects, how much do you know about this kind of equipment? In order to facilitate your operation and use, the following article will introduce this in detail for you. The number of slots for different equipment, let's take a look at the following articles.

Reduction motor is actually a kind of motor. The stator in the motor is related to the performance of the motor. 

Experts have analyzed that the more slots in the stator, the better the magnetomotive force of the motor and the lower the leakage reactance of the motor, which results in the increase of maximum torque and starting torque, efficiency and power factor; the more slots, the winding components. The heat dissipation area of the loose and winding contact core is increased, which is favorable for heat dissipation. But not the more slots, the better. This is not necessarily true. The more slots, the more insulation materials and working hours of slots will be increased, the utilization rate of slots will be reduced, and the manufacturing and use of punching dies will be disadvantaged. The energy of the decelerating motor should be constant and the number of grooves should be specified.

The slot number problem of speed reducer motor is the content of this paper. In the future operation, we should pay more attention to this knowledge, so as to make our operation more convenient and know more about the product knowledge, so as to avoid the operation errors caused by not knowing the product.

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