Reducer manufacturing plays an important role in the machinery manufacturing industry.
Feb 10, 2019

In recent years, the manufacture of reducer has occupied an extremely important position in China's machinery manufacturing industry. As a power transmission device, the reducer can adjust the speed of the motor to the required speed through the speed conversion of the gear. Therefore, the range of applications of gearboxes ranges from vehicles to construction machinery, from watchmaking appliances that are common in life to automated production equipment in factories, and gearboxes are required in almost all mechanical transmission systems. Because the application range of the reducer is very wide, the types of reducers developed according to the needs of practical applications are very rich. The miniature reducer is a small-sized reducer that is produced to meet special needs.

The miniature reducer is smaller in size, so the internal unit and design are more precise and compact. Compared with the larger reducer, it is more difficult for the micro reducer to achieve the same reducer. Because the reducer is driven by electric power, making the reducer smaller in size means that the motor inside the reducer is designed to be simpler and smaller. However, due to the demand of the domestic market, the motors produced in China are relatively large in appearance. Compared with foreign large-scale motors, the cost of raw materials is high, and the production cost is also high. Because of the motor, the size of the reducer is bound to be large. In order to enable the micro reducer to meet the actual needs of the application, it is necessary to speed up the smaller and more powerful motor. On the gear transmission, how to better maintain the gear has always been a problem that has plagued the development of the micro reducer. Because the design of the micro reducer is more precise, the friction generated by the gear during operation is greater, and lubrication becomes a more critical issue during operation. At present, research in this field is being carried out in depth, and it is believed that this problem will be completely solved as the design is continuously optimized.

Comprehensive observation of the development status of China's reducer market, the current sales of various types of reducers on the market have their own advantages. As a special type of reducer, the miniature reducer has its unique market demand group. It is believed that as some mechanical products gradually become lighter and simpler, the market for miniature reducers will become more and more open.

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