Requirement Of Gear Engaging Surface For Gear Reduction Motor
Nov 05, 2018

Gear reduction motor is widely used. In real life, if we want to make the equipment work better when we use the deceleration motor, we need to know the knowledge of its gear meshing surface. The following contents will be introduced for you in detail. Let's have a look.

When the contact tightness of the meshing pair of the gear motor is the same, the axes on both sides tend to be loaded equally. At the same time, the axial force on the high-speed axle is equal, and the high-speed axle stops moving and can operate normally. However, the requirement of gear meshing surface and the mutual position of equipments often do not allow the displacement of high-speed shaft to fluctuate greatly, so it is necessary to reset the high-speed shaft to the permissible range of fluctuation, and it is better for the high-speed meshing pair to keep meshing in the middle of tooth width.


The ratio of teeth to teeth is non-integer. When a certain shaft and gear are properly reassembled, the original meshing tightness between gears will be changed, so that the high-speed shaft gears can reaching the force balance at the new meshing point and keep both sides meshing at the same time, so that the high-speed shaft will return from the position where it stays after the failure to the position where it can be. Re-balanced its load at a certain position, eliminate excessive channeling, so that it is stable in a small allowable channeling momentum.

After investigation, all levels of axes, bearings and tooth surfaces of gear reduction motor are not damaged, and the unbalanced force of gear train lies in the change of tooth position difference of meshing pair. Looking at all levels of gears, it can be judged that three axes and two levels of driven wheels have been misaligned. The gear structure is interference fit between ring and spoke, which will occur when it can not resist transmission torque. Slip may be caused by excessive torque, excessive tangential force around the circumference, or by insufficient manufacturing accuracy.

According to the explanations in this paper, the above knowledge is related to the operation of deceleration motor, so after we have a good grasp of the knowledge of gear meshing surface, even if such problems occur in the equipment, we can solve them well, and bring greater economic benefits to ourselves.

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