Scope and development of speed reducer
May 16, 2018

The current speed reducer application scope is quite widespread, in almost all kinds of mechanical transmission system can see traces of it, from the transport ship cars, motorcycles, construction of heavy machinery, processing machinery and automated production equipment used in the machinery industry, to the daily common electric clocks and watches, and so on. Its application work from large power transmission, to the small load, the Angle of the accurate transmission can meet the application of speed reducer, and in industrial applications, deceleration machine has to slow down and increase torque function, thus is widely used in the speed and torque conversion equipment. Reducer is a kind of power to communicate, to require higher torque and not on the application It needs to be used in places where the speed is too high. For example: conveyor belt mixer, clapper, automatic machine... , and with the development of industrial and factory automation, the use of reducer demand is growing. 

Usually reduction method are many, but the most commonly used method in gear deceleration, can narrow footprint and reduce the cost, so have they called reducer gear box (GearBox) usually is the combination of some gears, gear box for gear box itself is not power, so you need to drive component to drive it, which can be motor driven components, engines, or steam engine... Etc. While the use of reducer has the following several kinds: the purpose of the largest 1. 2. The power transfer to obtain a certain speed (3) to obtain larger torque. But in addition to the gear reduction closed, and is of high precision transmission, high transmission efficiency, for defining new transmission structure. 70-80 - s of the 20th century, reducer technology has made great development in the world, and closely integrated with the development of new technology revolution. The development trend of general speed reducer is as follows: high level and high performance. The cylindrical gear generally adopts carburizing and quenching, grinding teeth, and the bearing capacity is more than four times higher, with small volume, light weight, low noise, high efficiency and high reliability. Modular design. The basic parameters adopt the priority number, the dimension specification is neat, the part is universal and the interchangeability is strong, the series is easy to expand and the pattern is renovated, is advantageous to the organization batch production and reduces the cost. 

Variety of type, variety design. To get rid of the traditional single base installation, added a hollow shaft hanging, floating bearing base, motor and reducer one-piece, different types, such as multiple mounting surface for expanding the scope of the use. Prompt reducer levels to increase the main factors are: improvement of theoretical knowledge, closer to the actual, such as gear strength calculation method, the modification technology, deformation calculation, optimization design method, the tooth root transition smooth, the new structure, etc.). With good materials, all kinds of high quality alloy steel forgings, materials and quality control of heat treatment have been improved. Structural design is more reasonable. The machining accuracy is improved to iso5-6. The bearing quality and life span are improved. Improve the quality of lubricating oil. Since the 1960 s, China has successively developed JB1130-70 general reducer of the cylindrical gear reducer and such standard, in addition to the makers use homemade, also formed a batch of reducer professional manufacturers. At present, there are hundreds of production reducers in China, with a production capacity of about 250 thousand per year, which contributes to the development of China's mechanical products. Reducer is mostly with reference to the Soviet union in the 1960 s in the 20th century 40-50 s technology manufacturing, though they have development later, but limited to the level of design, process and equipment conditions, the overall level and international level has a larger gap.

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