Solutions to reduce oil leakage of gearbox
Sep 14, 2018

First of all, we should pay attention to the Countermeasures for controlling oil leakage of gearbox. This is the premise for doing well in leakage prevention. The following principles and methods to prevent oil leakage are introduced.The detailed solutions:

1. The oil leakage of pressure equalizing gearbox is mainly caused by the increase of pressure in the box, so the reducer should be equipped with corresponding ventilation hood to achieve pressure equalization. Ventilation hood can not be too small, a simpler inspection method is to open the top cover of the ventilation hood, speed reducer running at high speed for five minutes, touch the vent by hand, feel the pressure difference is very large, indicating that the ventilation hood is small, it should be larger or raised.

2. Flow smoothly to make the oil sprinkled on the inner wall of the tank flow back to the oil pool as soon as possible, do not stay in the shaft head seal, in order to prevent oil gradually leaching along the shaft head. For example, the shaft head of the reducer is designed with an oil seal ring, or the upper cover of the reducer is located at the shaft head with a half-circular groove, so that the oil splashed on the upper cover flows along both ends of the half-circular groove to the lower box.

3. Improve the shaft seal structure (1) Improve the shaft seal of the reducer whose output shaft is half-shaft; Improve the output shaft of the reducer of most equipment such as belt conveyor, screw unloader, impeller coal feeder and so on. The reducer is dismantled, the coupling is removed, and the axle seal end cover of the reducer is removed. According to the matching size of the skeleton oil seal, the machining groove of the outer side of the original end cover is turned into a machining groove, and the skeleton oil seal is installed, and the side direction of the spring is inward. If the end cap is more than 35 mm from the inner end face of the coupling, a spare oil seal can be installed on the shaft outside the end cap. Once the oil seal fails, the damaged oil seal can be removed, and the spare oil seal can be pushed into the end cap, thus eliminating the time-consuming and laborious process of understanding the body gearbox and removing the coupling. (2) Improving the shaft seal of the gearbox with the output shaft of the whole shaft; the output shaft of the reducer with the whole shaft transmission has no coupling; if the gearbox is reformed according to the scheme (1), the workload is too heavy and unrealistic. In order to reduce the workload and simplify the installation procedure, a divisible end cap was designed and an open type oil seal was tried. When loading the oil seal, the oil seal is sawed to form an opening. The oil seal is put on the shaft from the opening. The opening is butted with adhesive. The opening is upward, then the spring is installed and pushed into the end cover.

4. The polymer composite material is composed of polymer, metal or ceramic ultrafine powder, fiber and so on, with curing agent and curing accelerator. All kinds of materials complement each other in performance, resulting in synergy.

For example:

The following problems were found in the use of a DV31 type raw material mill gearbox.

Every year after summer, lubricating oil often comes out of the ventilation holes, and a small amount of oil spills from the cover of the gearbox or the sealing surface of the extended shaft, causing waste, polluting the environment, and affecting the service life of the internal gears and gear shafts of the gearbox.

Through analysis, it is considered that the pressure inside and outside the box is uneven. For this purpose, we have examined and solved the following problems:

  1. Open the upper cover of the ventilator, make the gearbox operate for 5 or 6 minutes, touch the air outlet with your hand, and feel hot air. This means that the vent is small.

  2. We consider it troublesome to enlarge the air vent, so replace the ventilator with a self-made ventilator (see Fig. 1 and 2).

   3. On the one hand, the vent is slightly enlarged to reduce ventilation resistance; on the other hand, the ventilation outlet is elevated to increase the natural ventilation capacity. Thus, the pressure inside and outside the box can be mutually balanced, eliminating the oil leakage and leakage caused by the difference of internal and external pressure.


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