Speed reducer transfer and inspection
May 16, 2018

Specific inspection process:

1. The rolling bearing is cleaned with gasoline and other parts are cleaned with kerosene. No impurities are allowed in all parts and boxes. The inner wall of the box and the gear (worm wheel) and other unprocessed surfaces have been coated twice without the oil resistance. The outer surface of the box has been coated with primer and color paint (according to the requirements of the host). 2. After washing the parts, apply lubricating oil.

2. The installation and adjustment requirements 1. The bearing inner ring shall be attached to the shaft shoulder when the rolling bearing is installed, and the gap shall not pass the thickness of 0.05mm.

3. Bearing (such as deep groove ball bearing) which can not be adjusted to the clearance of the bearing axial clearance, its axial clearance is 0.25~0.4mm; The numerical value of the bearing axial clearance can be adjusted. Click to see the axial clearance of the tapered roller bearing; The angular contact ball bearing axial clearance 3, gear (worm gear) meshing tooth side clearance can be used by the plug or the pressure lead method. Put the lead wire in the slot, then turn the gear and press the lead wire, measuring the thickness of the flat lead wire on the side of the two teeth, which is the size of the flank. 4. Contact spots on the tooth surface of the tooth surface contact spots 2-10-4; Conical gear tooth surface contact spots 2-11-4; Worm drive contact spot 2-12-4.

4. Seal requirements 1. No gasket is allowed between the body of the box, but the sealing rubber or water glass can be applied to ensure the sealing. 2. During assembly, the sealing between the cover of the box and the box seat shall be checked by using the measuring tape of 0.05mm before tightening the box bolts; 3. The shaft extension seal should be coated with grease. Each sealing device shall be installed strictly according to requirements.

5. Lubricating requirements 1. Reasonably determine lubricating oil and lubricating grease type and brand 2, bearing grease lubrication, the filling amount of grease is generally 1/2~2/3 of the lipid space. 3. The lubricating oil should be replaced regularly. When the new reducer is used for the first time, the oil will be changed after 7~14 days, and the oil can be changed every three to six months according to the situation.

6. Test requirements 1. No-load operation: 1~2 hours in reverse operation at rated speed; 2. Load test: operate at rated speed and rated load, until the oil temperature is balanced. For gear reducer, the temperature rise of oil pool is not more than 35oC, and the bearing temperature rise is not more than 40oC; For worm reducer, the temperature of the oil tank shall not exceed 60oC, and the bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 50C; 3. During the whole test, the operation is stable and the noise is small.

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