Structural Characteristics Of Helical Bevel Gearbox
Sep 29, 2018

I. Helical Bevel Gearbox;

The transmission ratio of the bevel gearbox is fixed, but in engineering practice, some working machines often need to work at several different speeds, which requires adjusting the transmission ratio between the prime mover and the working machine at any time according to the requirements of operation.

2.The structure of the bevel gearbox:

It is mainly composed of gear (or worm), shaft, bearing, box and so on. The box must have enough stiffness. In order to ensure the stiffness and heat dissipation of the box, stiffening ribs are often made on the outer wall of the box. In order to facilitate the manufacture, assembly and use of bevel gearbox, a series of accessories, such as inspection hole, ventilation hole, oil gauge or oil surface indicator, hook and cover screw, are installed on the helical bevel gearbox.

3. Distribution drive ratio:

It makes the transmission have the minimum moment of inertia, makes the oil immersion depth of the big gears in each stage of transmission approximately equal, makes the bearing capacity of each stage of transmission close to the same, and makes the outer dimension and mass of the bevel gearbox minimum.

Working principle: By means of friction transmission, the output radius of the driving and the follower is changed, and the transmission ratio is unchanged.

4. Reducer function:

The transmission ratio can be changed at any time as required.

5.Deceleration type:

The transmission of CVT-CVT can only be graded by the control mechanism according to the established design requirements. The transmission ratio of CVT-CVT can be changed steplessly within the designed range.

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