Technical specifications and characteristics of bevel gear reducer
Sep 11, 2018

Bevel gear reducer has high double torque efficiency and high life gear. It has foot mounting, flange mounting and axle loading.

Following are some technical specifications and characteristics of bevel gear reducer compiled by China Xinghe Machine from the Internet.

Technical specifications of bevel gear reducer:

1.Gear: the gear is made of high quality, high purity, alloy 20CrMnTiH, carburizing and quenching, and precision grinding.

2.Main shaft: the shaft is quenched and tempered with high rigidity and high load capacity.

3.Oil seal: double seal lip oil seal, dustproof and leak proof oil.

4.Lubrication: proper lubricating oil can make the steering machine efficient and improve its running life.

5.Bearing: rolling cone bearing with heavy load capacity.

Characteristics of bevel gear reducer:

1.The handwheel with adjustable speed is used as the standard configuration.

2.Remote electronic system can be selected for speed control.

3.Analog and digital indicators can be selected.

4.Strong cast iron box.

5.The driving plate treated by grinding and polishing ensures low wear.

6.The special cam mechanism ensures that only the required torque is transmitted and the wear is further reduced.

7.Asbestos free non moisture absorbing friction disc material ensures long and safe service life.

8.The cabinet can be opened without special tools, ensuring convenient and quick maintenance.

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