The characteristics and function of gearbox
May 16, 2018

Gearbox is a variable speed device that realizes the speed change by meshing of small and small gears, and it has many applications in industrial mechanical transmission. Large gears are mounted on the low-speed shaft in the gearbox, and small gears are mounted on the high-speed shaft. The acceleration or deceleration process can be accomplished through the meshing and transmission of the gears. The characteristics of gearbox are as follows:

1. Wide selection of gear boxes.

Gearboxes are usually designed with general design, but in special cases, the gearbox design can be changed according to the needs of the users, and the variant is the gearbox dedicated to the industry. In the design of gearbox, parallel axis, vertical shaft, general box and various parts can be changed according to user's requirement.

2. Stable operation of gearbox.

The gear box is stable and reliable, with high transmission power. The external box structure of the gearbox can be manufactured using the sound absorbing material to reduce the noise generated during the working process of the gearbox. The gearbox itself has the box structure and the large fan can effectively reduce the working temperature of the gearbox.

3. Complete function of gearbox.

Gear box besides deceleration function, also have the ability to change the direction of transmission and transmission torque, such as gear box after using two fan-shaped gear can transfer force perpendicular to another axis of rotation to achieve change in the direction of transmission, and gear box change the principle of the transmission torque is, under the condition of the same power, the faster the speed of gear, shaft torque of the smaller, vice versa.

Gear box in the running process can realize the function of the clutch, as long as the two meshing gear separation, the connection between the prime mover and the working machine can be cut off, to achieve the effect of power and load separately. In addition, the gearbox can drive multiple driven shafts through an active shaft to achieve the power distribution.

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