The core technology breakthrough of speed reducer
Sep 12, 2018

At present, the three core parts and controllers of industrial robots, servo motors and decelerator are the main bottlenecks restricting the Chinese robot industry. Under the inspiration of "China's Intelligent Manufacturing" and "one belt and one road", the "Chinese dream" of manufacturing industry has been the development direction of China's manufacturing industry. The industrialization and automation of decelerator is very important in the rising road of domestic robots. At present, China's precision reducer is still unable to achieve a full-scale import substitution, the industry is facing some technical difficulties to break through.

Compared with the accumulation of Japanese giants for decades, China's industrial robots with precision reducers started relatively late, immature technology, the formation of precision reducers can not be self-sufficient situation, a serious dependence on imports, thus the "counter-attack" road challenges.

Robot industry is currently attracting attention. Precision reducers are the key functional components of industrial robots. It is predicted that from 2016 to 2018, China's industrial robots will increase the demand for reducers to 294,000 sets, 365,000 sets and 463,000 sets respectively. In addition, according to the average service life of 8-10 years, the market demand for precision reducers in China will exceed 1 million sets in the future, and the annual market sales will exceed 10 billion yuan.

In China's robot industry, the reducer has always been regarded as a core component, and the world's core component market is monopolized by foreign enterprises, domestic robots are also facing this problem at this stage is always embarrassing, the robot reducer Market is highly monopolized, the popularization of domestic reducer can not achieve full import replacement. Generation.

Seventy-five percent of the world's precision reducer Market is dominated by Nabotsk and Hamonaco in Japan, of which Nabotsk produces RV reducers, accounting for about 60 percent, and Hamonaco produces harmonic reducers, accounting for about 15 percent.

It is understood that the technical threshold of the reducer is very high, some domestic enterprises have made major breakthroughs in the technical level, but the processing accuracy of the key components can not be fully guaranteed, still can not form mass production, can only rely on imports, seriously restricting the market demand for autonomy.

In the national "Made in China 2025" plan, the government highlighted the need to "break through the technical bottleneck of key parts such as robot reducer" as the development direction of the robot industry. At present, China's reducer industry is still a blue ocean.

The high import cost of precision reducer continuously reduces the profit margin of China's robot manufacturing industry. In the future, with the establishment of a number of domestic brand enterprises adhering to the spirit of "hard work", the competitiveness of China's reducer in the international market will become stronger and stronger.

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