The Difference and Application between Reducer and Gearbox
Dec 07, 2018

Reducer is closely related to two kinds of gearbox deceleration equipment. Reducer includes gearbox, which exists as the mechanism on the reducer. Gearbox is assembled by gear group and is a separate deceleration equipment. It uses very deceleration equipment. The difference and application direction between the reducer and the gear box are described in detail below.

Planetary Reducer

Summary of reducer

The full-name deceleration motor of the reducer is the integration of the geared motor and the gearbox - the motor reducer. The main transmission structure is a decelerator (deceleration equipment) assembled by the drive motor (also known as gear motors) and the gear box, which has the functions of connection, transmission, deceleration, lifting torque (bearing capacity) and so on. According to the structure type, it can be divided into DC brush motor, DC brushless motor, stepping motor, hollow cup motor, permanent magnet motor, electric motor, etc. as the transmission source of reducer, providing speed, low torque and speed output. Under the action of gearbox, the output speed will be reduced and the torque will be raised to achieve the ideal transmission effect.

Gearbox overview

Gearbox is also known as reducer, the main structure is assembled by transmission meshing gear groups of several sizes, which are used in reducer. Gear box can be divided into planetary gearbox, cylindrical gearbox, spur gearbox, parallel gearbox, helical gearbox, bevel gearbox, worm gearbox and so on according to its use and gear structure. Material is divided into plastic gearbox and metal gearbox; for example, planetary gearbox is adopted because of its precision, long life, small size, transmission efficiency and wide deceleration range. The structure of planetary gearbox is composed of planetary wheel, solar wheel, inner gear ring, transmission shaft, washer and box body.

Reducer and Gearbox Application

The reducer includes gearbox, which is divided into high-power reducer and low-power reducer according to power; high-power reducer is used in ship, locomotive, transportation, wharf, lifting, construction, mining, steel, non-ferrous metal, heavy industry manufacturing and other industries; low-power reducer is used in smart home, household appliances, communication antenna and other industries. Electronic products, camera and aerial photography equipment, security field, automobile transmission, transmission system, robotic equipment, logistics storage equipment, smart family, smart city, artificial intelligence and other fields.


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