The Series And Backlash Of Decelerating Motor
Nov 02, 2018

With China's economic development, the use of deceleration motor equipment has become more and more common, this equipment in use need of a lot of knowledge, on the series of such equipment and backlash, how much do you know, the following article for you to explain in detail, you will come to understand it together.

As far as the gear reducer is concerned, it is composed of a series of gears. When the driving wheel rotates forward, one tooth of the first gear and the second gear meshes, but it cannot mesh with the other tooth. Of course, textbooks can be meshed, but in fact, no one can do it. So in reverse, the first gear engages with the front teeth and the back teeth, which is called backhaul clearance. Don't belittle this return clearance. It's horrible when gears are old or old.


Series: Number of sets of gears. Because one set of gears can not meet the requirements of larger transmission ratio, sometimes two or three sets are needed to meet the requirements of supporting larger transmission ratio. As the number of gears increases, the length of two or three-stage reducers will increase and the efficiency will decrease.

Backlash : When the output end is fixed and the input end rotates clockwise and anticlockwise, so that the input end generates rated torque ±2% of the torque, the input end of the reducer has a small angular displacement, which is the backhaul clearance. The unit is "fraction", which is one sixtieth of a degree. It is also called backhaul.

*For example:

Planetary reducer is a kind of widely used deceleration transmission equipment; the accuracy of planetary gear transmission depends on the coordination of gears. Clearance refers to the gap between gear and gear, commonly known as backhaul clearance, also known as backlash. In the performance parameters of planetary reducer, the return clearance (or back clearance, backhaul clearance), the lower the transmission accuracy, the higher the price, and the higher the transmission efficiency (arcmin unit, commonly referred to as less than 3 type, more than 15 for low precision type).

The precision unit of planetary reducer is "arc".

Arcmin: once divided into 60 arc points (= 60 Arcmin = 60'). If the return clearance is marked as 1 arcmin, it means that the speed reducer rotates one circle, and the angular deviation of the output terminal is 1/60 degree. In practical applications, the angular deviation is related to the diameter of the shaft b=2, PI, R, a, /360. That is to say, when the output radius is 500 mm, the accuracy of gearbox is JT = 3', that is a degree = 3/60, and the deviation of speed reducer rotation is b = 0.44 mm.

Through the knowledge explained in this paper, we can generally understand the knowledge points of this equipment. The speed reducer motor is a kind of industrial product with a wide range of uses. Its performance can be comparable to other military grade speed reducer products, but it has the price of industrial grade products, and is applied in a wide range of industrial occasions. It has good prospects for development.

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