Troubleshooting of Gear Motors
Oct 18, 2018

The service life of the gear reducer motors are longer than that of the general motor, but there will be faults when it is used. This requires us to understand the causes and troubleshooting of the gear motors.

NMRV Worm Gearbox--

                                   NMRV series Worm Gearbox(Alloy Container)

1, Abnormal voice or noise.

  Reasons: There are many impurities in lubricating oil, the meshing parts of gears are damaged, the clearance between gears is increased, the clearance between bearings is large, and the bearing is damaged or worn seriously.

  Troubleshooting: check the engaging parts, and may need to replace the damaged parts. Adjust bearing clearance. Replace damaged bearings.

2. Bearing temperature is too high:

  Cause: the oil level in the gear motor is too low, too little lubricating oil, aging lubricating oil, and bearing damage.

  Removal method: check the oil level at room temperature, may need to add lubricating oil. Check when the last oil change is, and may need to change the lubricating oil. Check bearings, may need to be replaced.

3, The working temperature is too high:

  Cause: oil level is too high or oil is low, oil is aging, and lubricating oil is seriously polluted.

  Troubleshooting: check the oil level. You may need to rectify the oil level. When lubricating oil is added to check the last time of changing the oil, it may be necessary to change the lubricating oil.

4, Tooth surface wear or corrosion:

  Reason: the quality of lubricating oil is not qualified or contains impurities.

  Exclusive method: replace worn gear and change lubricating oil.

5. Gear tooth fracture:

  Reason: overload work, gear quality problem.

  Elimination method: replace parts, recalculate the load and see if the selection is correct.

6. Input shaft fracture:

  Cause: radial force is too large, installation error of coupling is too large, quality problem.

  Exclusive method: replace parts. When the user input power with pulley, check whether the radial force exceeds the maximum specified value. Check whether the angle error of the coupling installation is excessive.

7, The body of the reduction box is cracked.

  Cause: radial force is too big, tooth breakage, quality problem.

  Elimination: When the user uses the chain drive output power, it is very necessary to check the radial force, such as the radial force exceeds the prescribed maximum, the user is recommended to use welding box or increase the model.

The above problem is that we use gear reducer motors in the process of frequent failures, and for this reason we have sorted out the reasons for the failure and solutions, in the use of the future try to avoid the occurrence of failures to ensure high-quality production.

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