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Sep 04, 2018

Starred-River Drive R&D and production of new series of Starred-River reducer products with high power, compact structure, and the growing demand for high performance and reliability. Product optimization and modular combination design, advanced production technology and detailed planning of materials make the designed reducer unit cost more power.

Starred-River series reducer developed and manufactured by Starred-River Machinery Manufacturer is based on two principles of economy and function. Centralized manufacturing and dispersed assembly make short supply time, which is a superior condition for competition. The modular structure allows components to be easily integrated with design features. The combination of these two features with the order-by-order assembly approach can provide many solutions to meet your use requirements.

Starred-River series of reducer developed by Starred-River transmission is reliable. Reliability stems not only from excellent design and manufacturing, but also from the experience of Star River Drive and the combination of cooperative units. Starred-River Series reducer embodies the combination of moderate torque range and long bearing life, good sealing arrangement and decelerator structure. Standard solutions include horizontal, vertical and vertical installation possibilities to meet reliability requirements for application options.

Starred-River Machinery Manufacturer has advanced production process, strict quality standards and accurate testing to ensure that reducers and other products have good service life and reliability, is your good choice!

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Helical-Bevel Gearbox

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