What Are The Advantages Of Oil-Cooled Conveyor Pulleys?
Oct 11, 2018

There are many types of Conveyor Pulleys, each model of Conveyor Pulley has its own expertise, so it will be more concerned in a field, in this article we will understand the advantages of Oil-Cooled Conveyor Pulleys:

1. The structure is simple and compact and occupies small space. For machinery, taking up a lot of space is really a tedious thing, but the oil-cooled Conveyor Pulleys is a good solution to this problem.

2. Easy to use and maintain, safe and reliable operation, long life. Many machines are prone to problems, a problem will delay a lot of things, may cause serious economic losses. And maintenance is also a very troublesome matter. After repair, the service life is even shorter. And the general machine will have a great potential for safety hazards, operators may accidentally cause personal injury or even loss of life to themselves or others. In this respect, the operation of oil cooled electric rollers is much safer and more reliable.

3. Less energy consumption, and easy to achieve centralized control. This makes the use of oil-cooled electric drum cost greatly reduced, and easy to achieve centralized control this also saves labor costs.

4. It can replace the external drive device of motor-reducer which is widely used at present. It is used to form belt conveyor. It can convey coal, ore, sand, cement, flour and other bulk materials, and can also convey jute bags, equipment and other finished products. It can meet all kinds of requirements such as backstop, brake, glue and so on.


Four additional functions of Oil-Cooled Conveyor Pulleys:

1, It is more suitable for barrel coating or other coating.

2, It can be easily converted to flameproof electric rollers.

3. It can be equipped with a speed regulating motor for special occasions where the belt conveyor needs speed regulation.

4, The electric roller can meet all kinds of requirements such as backstop, glue and so on.

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